Ballykelly Presbyterian Church

Welcome to Ballykelly Presbyterian Church’s Web Site

Perhaps you are just browsing the site out of interest or you may be planning to visit us. Either way we hope this new web site will give you a better picture of what goes on in Ballykelly.

The village is a ‘plantation village’ with the church being built by the Fishmongers Company London in 1827. They also built the Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland churches, as well as the Model farm better known as the NW Independent Clinic and other notable buildings in the area.

The area itself is steeped in history, not least more recently with Shackleton Army Base. Originally used by the RAF during World War Two, the British Army took over the base at the start of the troubles in NI and remained there until they moved out in 2008. The base over 600 acres is now being used by Film Companies who film in the area for programmes such as ‘Game of Thrones’.

In September 2013 we were delighted to open up our new suite of halls which now gives us modern facilities to meet the demands of our growing congregation; many of whom are young families.

As a community based church we seek to reach out with the Good News that Jesus brought to share with us. This we seek to do in a relevant and creative way through our Sunday Services and various organisations.

Many different activities exist in the church so please take time to browse through the site. Some activities include a signing and deaf service as well as a healing service.